My name is Katie Parker, I am currently 21 years old and have recently finished university where I studied Film Studies and Journalism. Therefore it makes sense that I want to be a film critic one day, although I thought I should perhaps attempt to improve my writing and film knowledge first. What better way than to watch a film a day and force myself to write every day?

You may notice I get behind with this blog sometimes. I did initially intend to watch and review one film per day, but sometimes, mainly due to my social/work life, I do not always get time to watch a film a day. Nonetheless I always try to catch up, although due to my hectic 2011 with two holidays, a festival, a gig and my graduation, I’ve gotten a little too far behind.

Fear not! I shall endeavour to get up to date and I will complete this challenge!

But what will I do when I finish it?……..


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